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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home​

Christmas Decorating

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your home can be a delightful yet challenging task. With the festive season around the corner, you want to ensure that your home exudes warmth and joy. This guide is here to help you navigate through the myriad of options available, especially if you’re looking for real Christmas trees in Orlando. From understanding your space to selecting decorations, let’s dive into the essential tips for making the best choice.

Consider Your Space When Deciding on a Fresh Christmas Tree

Choosing the Right Christmas Tree Size

When considering purchasing a tree from Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees, the placement of your tree within your home is a crucial factor. The height and width of the tree must complement the space it occupies. Measure the height of your ceiling and account for the tree stand and tree topper. Deduct at least a foot to avoid any crowding. For homes with standard 8-foot ceilings, a 6 to 7-foot tree works well.

Additionally, think about the visual balance within the room. A tree that’s too small may get overshadowed by other furniture, while a tree that’s too large can dominate the space in an overwhelming way. By gauging the proportions carefully, you can ensure a harmonious aesthetic in your Orlando home.

Placement Options for Your Christmas Tree

Your tree’s placement can change the ambiance of your room. If positioned alongside a wall, you may opt for a tree that is lush at the front but flatter at the back. In a room’s corner, a symmetrical and slightly narrower tree works well. For a tree placed offset from the wall or in the middle of the room, ensure it is full and well-rounded from all angles.

Did you Know?

When you order online from Ciro & Sons, in addition to specifying height, you’ll be able to specify your desired tree shape as well? Now you know!

Furthermore, consider how the tree interacts with other elements in the room. A tree placed by a window, for instance, can be enjoyed from outside as well. On the other hand, a tree near a fireplace can invoke a cozy, traditional feel (although, per our Care Instructions, you’ll want to be careful to not dry out your tree). Evaluate your room to determine the best placement for maximum impact.

Consider Decorations When Selecting a Christmas Tree

Ornament Considerations

When shopping at Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees in Orlando (directions to our Dr. Phillips location), think about the type of decorations you desire. Real Christmas trees have varying needle lengths and branch sturdiness. If you plan to adorn your tree with heavy ornaments, opt for a species with sturdy branches, such as a Fraser Fir.

Also, consider the color theme and lighting. Do you envision a classic look with white lights and traditional ornaments, or perhaps a more whimsical theme with colored lights and eclectic decorations? Understanding your vision can help guide your selection process at Ciro & Sons.

Flocking Options

Ciro & Sons offers the option to transform your tree with white or colorful flocking, giving it a snowy and festive appearance. Flocking can set the tone for your decorations, whether you aim for a winter wonderland or a vibrant holiday palette.

The choice of flocking also adds a unique touch to your tree, making it stand out even with minimal decorations. It’s an opportunity to personalize your tree and add an element of creativity to your festive decor. For homes featuring decorations that heavily feature a single color, such as blue, flocking can perfectly match the theme while still showcasing the natural beauty of a real, fresh Christmas tree.

Take into Account Your Other Holiday Décor

Christmas Wreath On Window
Fresh Christmas wreaths on windows can add a beautiful touch to any room

Complementing with Wreaths

To create a cohesive festive look, consider incorporating fresh-cut Christmas wreaths into your decor. Many Orlando and Central Florida homeowners find that wreaths beautifully tie together the festive theme, and are always a popular item alongside our trees. Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees offers a variety of wreaths (14″, 16″, 20″ and even the stunning 36″) that can echo the aesthetics of your real Christmas tree.

In addition to their traditional placement on doors, wreaths can also adorn windows, mirrors, or even be used as a centerpiece on your dining table. This versatility allows you to create a flow of festive design throughout your home. If you’ve chosen flocking for your tree, Ciro & Sons can additionally flock your wreaths as well!

Consider Multiple Smaller Trees Instead of a Larger Tree

Multi Tree Display
Multi-tree displays are becoming popular

Large trees are wonderfully impressive, and absolutely gorgeous when decorated. However, there’s something to be said about staging multiple smaller Christmas trees in a room or throughout your home. This technique has become increasingly popular, especially among those who feature different holiday themes throughout different rooms in their home.

Ciro & Sons offers Christmas trees ranging from small to large, and even extra large (contact us to inquire about trees larger than 9ft).

Delivery and Setup: Christmas Tree Delivery in Orlando

To ensure a seamless experience, Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees offers Orlando Christmas tree delivery with personal in-home setup. This convenience ensures that your tree is handled with care from the farm to your living room, making the process stress-free and enjoyable. In-home delivery and setup can be particularly beneficial for those with limited time or those who want to ensure their tree looks its best from every angle, and is also the perfect gift for grandparents and those with limited mobility.

Additionally, by opting for professional setup, you can ensure that your tree is positioned perfectly and securely. Ciro & Sons offers custom, strongly welded Christmas tree stands that will last a lifetime with basic care — inquire in person or select a stand while ordering your Christmas tree online.

Let Ciro & Sons Help Make Your Season Bright!

Choosing the perfect tree from Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees need not be overwhelming. By considering your space, the desired decorations, and the placement, you can select a tree that fits seamlessly into your home. With options for flocking, complementing wreaths, and convenient delivery in Orlando, your festive season is set to be memorable and joyous. These tips aim to guide you in creating a delightful holiday ambiance with real Christmas trees, making your Orlando home a haven of festive cheer.

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