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The Festive Journey of a Christmas Tree, from Farm to Your Living Room

Fresh Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees Arriving Soon

As the calendar turns to November and we approach Thanksgiving, a very special annual journey of a Christmas Tree is underway; one that captures the spirit and anticipation of the holiday season. This is the journey of a Christmas tree — a symbol of festivity and family, from its green beginnings on a Christmas tree farm to the twinkling lights of a joyful home through the dedicated care of Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees.

At the time of this article, it’s early November — and before too long our hand-selected fresh Fraser Fir trees will start to make the journey down to Orlando.

From Seedling to Splendor: A Tree’s Early Days

Your Christmas tree’s story begins in the serene expanse of a North Carolina Christmas tree farm, where rows upon rows of evergreens stand like a verdant army. Here, farmers that Ciro & Sons partners with work year-round to nurture the trees from seedlings. These little bursts of green are planted with precision and care, ensuring the Christmas Trees have space to flourish. In fact, Ciro & Sons specifically works with farmers who still allow for plenty of space for their trees to grow — a rarity in today’s world.

With the passing of each season, the young trees face the elements – the nurturing spring rains, the blistering summer sun, the rich autumn transformation, and the biting winter frosts. Farmers vigilantly care for them, pruning and shaping to ensure that each tree reaches its ideal Christmas silhouette. This process is slow, taking anywhere from 7 to 10 years for a tree to mature to the perfect height and fullness desired for a family’s living room.

Harvest Time: Choosing and Cutting

Christmas Tree Farm
Harvest Time at the Christmas Tree Farm

As the years pass and the trees grow, the time finally comes for selection. Annually, the team at Ciro & Sons travels to meet with their farmers. Once selected and tagged, workers at the farm embark on their annual harvest, saws and shears in hand, harvesting the prime candidates that have reached festive maturity.

The cutting of a Christmas tree is an act of tradition, performed with respect for the tree’s years of growth. The chosen trees are carefully felled, their bases trimmed, and needles inspected. They will then be gently wrapped and prepared for transportation. The journey of a Christmas Tree to Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees about to begin!

The Miles to Merriment: Transportation and Care

Next, the Christmas trees are carefully loaded onto trucks, where they are safely secured to protect them as they travel to their new home. This can be a trip of hundreds of miles, during which the trees must be kept cool and fresh. Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees ensures that each tree arrives in pristine condition by working directly with our farmers and transportation professionals. We understand that the magic of Christmas is held within those fragrant branches!

Once the trees reach Ciro & Sons, they are immediately tended to. They are then given 1 of 2 additional fresh cuts that will occur before they reach your home. Fresh cuts help to open their vascular systems. After the cut, they are throughly watered and spruced up. Proper hydration is crucial at this stage to keep the trees lush and extend their lifespan through the holiday season. Each tree is then displayed, ready to be the focal point of celebration, their needles bristling with excitement!

Choosing the Perfect Tree: A Family Tradition

Family Shopping For Christmas Tree
Shopping for a Christmas Tree is a family tradition

The Christmas tree buying experience is as much a tradition as the tree itself. Starting on November 20th, 2023 this year, families will arrive at Ciro & Sons Dr. Phillips location ready to embark on the annual quest for the perfect tree. Children run between the rows, their laughter mingling with the jingle of Christmas tunes, as parents assess the height, fullness, and scent of each potential tree. We love to see families spending time together!

The staff at Ciro & Sons are there to help, offering advice on tree care and assisting with the selection process. They know that each tree will become a beacon of memories, festooned with heirloom ornaments and the sparkle of tinsel.

For families that have a packed schedule this holiday season, Ciro & Sons offers Christmas Tree delivery in Orlando and several Central Florida cities. If this is of interest to you, ordering online is easy! You can pick your tree height, specify your ideal shape, and select other goodies such as stands and wreaths. Then, a Ciro & Sons team member will pick out the perfect tree for you — delivering it and even setting it up in your home.

The Final Stretch: A Tree’s Holiday Destiny

Family Admiring A Christmas Tree
A Christmas Tree is the centerpiece of your holiday decor

When a family chooses their tree, the staff at Ciro & Sons spring into action, prepping the tree for its final journey. The Christmas tree is given another fresh cut, wrapped for protection, and secured atop a vehicle for the ride home. In the case of online orders, Ciro & Son’s will bring your tree to you, setting it up in your home exactly where you’d like it.

Then comes your starring role: the decoration! You and your family gather to adorn the tree with lights, ornaments, ribbon, and stars. The journey of a Christmas Tree from farm to living room culminates in a display of love and tradition, a true Christmas miracle of its own — and one our family-owned business appreciates to be a part of.

A Tree’s Tale of Joy

The journey of a Christmas tree is not just one of physical travel, but an odyssey of joy. From the careful nurturing on a farm to the cherished spot in homes and hearts. Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees is more than a vendor. We’re a steward of tradition, ensuring that each tree’s passage ends with a flourish of joy and celebration. The journey of a Christmas Tree is repeated year after year; a timeless voyage that captures the essence of the season.

As we celebrate around these trees, let’s remember the care and dedication that brought them to us.

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