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Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush: Reserve Your Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree in Orlando

Fresh Christmas Trees

Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees are arriving soon! Get on the list for 2023, and we’ll reach out as soon as our inventory is delivered!

As the holiday season approaches in Orlando and Central Florida, nothing encapsulates the spirit of Christmas more than a lush, fresh-cut Christmas tree. Amidst the rush, smart planning by reserving your tree early can save you last-minute hassles, ensuring that you get the perfect centerpiece for your festivities. From small 2-foot wonders to towering 12-foot masterpieces — and with the unique option of vibrant flocking — Ciro & Son Christmas Trees has you covered. Let’s delve into why early reservation is the key to a merry and stress-free holiday season.

Secure Your Perfect Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree Size

When it comes to fresh-cut Christmas trees, size matters for making the right statement. Orlando residents love their trees, ranging from quaint 2-foot varieties perfect for smaller spaces, to impressive 7, 8, or even 12-footers that become the heart of your Christmas décor. By reserving early, you have the luxury of choice, ensuring your living room is graced by the tree it deserves, matching your space and aesthetic perfectly. Large, lush Christmas trees sell out fast!

Furthermore, early reservation means you secure a tree from the highest quality fresh-cut Christmas trees available. Getting in ahead allows you to secure a quality Christmas tree with the best available health — boasting the best needle retention, fragrance, and branch stiffness.

Experience the Magic of Custom Flocking

Flocked Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree
Flocked Christmas Tree

This year, add an extra touch of winter wonderland to your Orlando home with our custom flocking services. Available in multiple colors, flocking your tree is a fantastic way to complement your existing holiday color scheme or to try something bold and new.

By reserving your tree early, you ensure the availability of flocking in the color of your choice! At Ciro & Sons, we know how to pick trees that are best for beautiful and even flocking. Reserving early allows us to ensure inventory is available for your specific requests. Ahead of pickup or delivery, we’ll expertly apply flocking, ensure it is dried, and protect your tree for pickup or delivery.

This personalized touch takes time and, as the holiday rush approaches, slots for flocking services rapidly fill up. Early birds will avoid disappointment and be rewarded with a stunning, uniquely flocked tree that’s the talk of the town.

Invest in Premium Quality Christmas Tree Stands

Sturdy Stand for Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees
Custom Christmas Tree Stand

Say goodbye to the days of wobbly trees and messy water basins. We offer premium quality Christmas tree stands designed to last a lifetime. These stands are engineered to hold your tree firmly, be it a petite 2-foot or an extravagant 12-footer, ensuring safety and durability.

Investing in a premium stand when you reserve your tree means one less thing to worry about. You’ll have confidence knowing that your tree won’t tip over and will remain well-hydrated, keeping it fresh throughout the holiday season. Make the smart choice for peace of mind and a truly stand-out Christmas tree.

Adorn Your Home with Fresh Wreaths

Fresh-Cut Christmas Wreaths in Multiple Sizes
Beautiful Fresh Wreaths

No Orlando home’s holiday decoration is complete without the timeless elegance of a fresh wreath. When you reserve your Christmas tree, it’s the ideal time to select wreaths for your doors, windows, and walls. We offer a variety of sizes, from the classic 12″ and 16″ to the grand 20″ and 36″, each adding a special touch to your festive decorations.

Our wreaths are crafted from the same premium-quality foliage as our trees, ensuring a cohesive, luxurious look throughout your home. Ordering early guarantees the availability of your preferred size — wreaths sell out quickly!

Reserve Your Tree Today

Reserving your real, fresh-cut Christmas tree early is a decision that you’ll thank yourself for as the holiday season in Central Florida gets into full swing. Not only will you secure the perfect size, but you also have the opportunity to enhance your holiday décor with custom flocking, reliable long-lasting stands, and gorgeous fresh wreaths. Get on the list today to be the first to make your reservation (Estimated early November 2023) and get ahead in planning a truly magical holiday season.

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