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Unveiling the Secret to Orlando’s Freshest Christmas Trees: Ciro & Sons Commitment to Quality

Fresh Christmas Trees
Best Christmas Trees Orlando

The holiday season in Orlando is a time of wonder, and central to this festive magic is the quest for the perfect Christmas tree. Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees, a family-run business with deep roots in the Orlando community, has become a beacon for those seeking not just a tree, but an emblem of holiday spirit and lasting memories. The secret to our success lies not only in our exceptional products but also in our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and freshness. We’re proud to say that we offer the freshest Christmas trees in Central Florida.

Why Are Ciro & Son’s Trees the Best in Orlando?

The Freshest Christmas Trees In Orlando: Sustainably Sourced

Christmas Tree Farm Care
Our farmers take care of their Christmas trees

At the heart of Ciro & Sons’ promise of freshness is our steadfast commitment to sourcing trees from the finest Christmas tree farms. This sourcing strategy is more than just a business decision; it’s a commitment to the community and the environment. By partnering with sustainable growers, Ciro & Sons ensure that every tree is harvested at the peak of its beauty and vitality, mere days before it graces the customer’s home. We specifically work with farmers who focus on sustainability and quality, rather than how many trees they can grow per acre of land.

Moreover, the relationship with our farmers allows Ciro & Sons to ensure the trees are handpicked for the absolute best fullness and vitality, resulting in the unique beauty and longevity our trees are known for amongst Central Florida families. When we say that we offer the freshest Christmas trees in Orlando, we’re steadfastly serious. Customers are not only buying a tree; they’re choosing a centerpiece for a much-loved tradition, nurtured by the hands of American farmers and brought to their homes with care and respect for the environment.

Learn more about the journey of a Christmas Tree from farm to Ciro & Sons!

A Variety of Premium Choices

Diversity is at the core of Ciro & Sons selection. We understand that each family has its own vision of the perfect Christmas tree, and our expansive stock caters to every imaginable preference. We love the classic charm of the Fraser Fir, known for its lovely scent and needle retention, which is why this is the only tree variety we offer.

Ciro & Sons offers the freshest Christmas trees available in a range of sizes and shapes, ensuring that whether a customer has a sprawling living room or a cozy nook, there is a tree that fits perfectly. Every tree is a masterpiece, carefully pruned and shaped over the years to achieve an ideal silhouette that will stand as the centerpiece of holiday celebrations. From small table-top trees to massive 16ft (or larger!) Christmas trees, you’ll find them at Ciro & Sons.

Expert Care and Maintenance

Pruning Fresh Christmas Tree
Our fresh Christmas Trees are well-pruned

Once our trees arrive at Ciro & Sons, they are not just stored; they are pampered. Our family understands that the key to a tree’s longevity lies in how it is cared for from the moment it is cut. This is why each tree is immediately placed in water upon arrival, a crucial step that many of our competitors slack on. Regular watering and care ensures that the trees stay hydrated and nourished, maintaining their lushness and fragrance throughout the season — which is exactly what our trees are known for. Families in Orlando and across Central Florida specifically order online from or visit Ciro & Sons for this reason.

The care we provide our trees is not just about watering or pruning. Our location is specifically designed to protect the trees from the harsh Florida sun and winds. The trees are displayed in a way that mimics their natural environment, sheltered yet breathable, preventing premature drying and needle loss. This careful preservation strategy means that when a tree from Ciro & Sons finds its way into a home, it’s as fresh as the day it was cut. In fact, we perform a fresh-cut on every tree sold or delivered, ensuring the pores in the trunk a reopened for adequate water retention.

Eco-Friendly Practices

In today’s world, environmental consciousness is not just a preference but a responsibility. Ciro & Sons lead the way in sustainable practices in the Christmas tree industry in Orlando. Our commitment to eco-friendliness is evident in every aspect of our operation, from the organic fertilizers used on our partner farms to waste reduction strategies. Even our delivery and in-home setup routes are optimized for a smaller carbon footprint. Not only are the trees at our location the freshest Christmas trees in Orlando, but also the trees that we deliver — they’re the same trees.

These eco-friendly practices do more than just reduce the environmental impact; they contribute to the health and longevity of the trees. By avoiding harsh chemicals, Ciro & Sons ensure that our trees are not only safer for the environment but also for customers’ homes. Families can take comfort in knowing that their holiday centerpiece is free of harmful substances, making their home’s holiday environment as pure as the joy the season brings. Besides, real Christmas trees are the safer option, environmentally speaking.

Personalized Customer Service

Natural Christmas Trees Customer Support
Customer service is at the heart of what we do

At Ciro & Sons, the experience of selecting a Christmas tree is as important as the tree itself. Our team, knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, is always on hand to guide customers through the selection process. They understand that choosing a tree is a personal and often emotional decision, and our goal is to make it a memorable and joyous part of the holiday preparations.

From advising on the type of tree that best suits a customer’s needs to tips on how to keep it fresh throughout the season, our staff goes above and beyond. We also offer services like home delivery and setup, ensuring that the joy of getting a Christmas tree is not overshadowed by logistical challenges.

Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Value on the Freshest Christmas trees

Despite the superior quality of our trees, Ciro & Sons believe that the joy of a fresh Christmas tree should be accessible to everyone. This is why we offer premium trees at competitive prices. As a family ran business, we truly understand that the holiday season comes with many expenses. Our pricing strategy is designed to ensure that families can enjoy the beauty of a fresh, high-quality Christmas tree without straining holiday budgets.

Our value proposition extends beyond just the price. Each tree is an investment in the holiday experience, a focal point for family gatherings, and a source of cherished memories. When customers choose Ciro & Sons, they’re not just buying a tree; they’re embracing a tradition of quality, sustainability, and community spirit.

Community Involvement and Holiday Spirit

Giving Back To Orlando
At Ciro & Sons, we believe in giving back to Orlando

Ciro & Sons’ commitment to the community goes beyond selling Christmas trees. Through charities like Make A Wish and Baby DJ, we aim to play an integral part of the Orlando community’s holiday experience. Our participation in these charities, along with giveaways and contests, we hope is a reflection of our belief that the true spirit of the holidays.

By choosing Ciro & Sons, customers are not only getting the freshest tree in Orlando, but they are also supporting a business that is deeply rooted in the community. Our family sees every tree we sell as a way to spread joy and goodwill, a philosophy that has earned them a loyal following and a revered place in the heart of the Orlando community — something we’re eternally grateful for!

Make Ciro & Sons Part of Your Holiday Tradition

In an age where the holiday season can feel commercialized, Ciro & Sons stand as a reminder of what makes this time of year truly magical. Our commitment to the freshest Christmas trees in Central Florida, quality, and community helps set us apart in Orlando’s Christmas tree market. When families bring home a tree from Ciro & Sons, they’re not just starting their holiday season; they’re becoming part of a cherished tradition that values sustainability, excellence, and the joy of the holiday spirit.

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