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Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush: Reserve Your Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree in Orlando

Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees are arriving soon! Get on the list for 2023, and we’ll reach out as soon as our inventory is delivered! As the holiday season approaches in Orlando and Central Florida, nothing encapsulates the spirit of Christmas more than a lush, fresh-cut Christmas tree. Amidst the rush, smart planning by reserving your tree […]

2022 Christmas Tree Delivery in Central Florida

Fresh Christmas Tree Delivery in Orlando and Central Florida Ciro & Sons is pleased to offer Christmas Tree Delivery in Central Florida! Christmas is quickly approaching, so save your valuable time and let us bring the cheer to you! We’ll deliver straight to your home or business. As an added bonus, if you wish, we’ll […]

Giving Back to Central Florida with Johnny Magic’s Baby DJ

Giving Back to Central Florida with Baby DJ Baby DJ provides assistance to families of economic disadvantage in the Central Florida area. Started by XL 106.7’s Johnny Magic over 30 years ago, the Baby DJ organizes several assistance programs in Central Florida and has been a great way for local businesses, such as Ciro & […]

Real vs. Fake Christmas Tree: Which is Better?

There are so many decisions to make around the holidays. What should you get for your family this season? Should you travel or stay home? What will you wear for family Christmas portraits? With the holiday season right around the corner, the excitement and the holiday spirit are undeniably infectious. Among the myriad decisions to […]

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

These Christmas tree decorating tips will help you decorate your tree like a professional! Have you always wanted a Christmas tree that looked like it jumped right off the page of a home décor magazine? You don’t have to hire a professional decorator or be an expert in design, yourself. Just a few Christmas tree […]

Real Christmas Trees are the Most Environmentally Friendly Option

There’s no doubt about it – real Christmas trees are better for the environment than fake ones, and we will go into detail about this fact in a bit.  It might seem like chopping down millions of Christmas trees every year isn’t very eco-friendly, but it helps support forests and fight climate change! Yes, fake […]

Is There a Christmas Tree Shortage in Central Florida?

More families spending the holidays at home, a labor shortage, and inflated prices have all contributed to a national shortage of Christmas trees. Families in central Florida and beyond will experience the effects of this shortage if they don’t act fast. Christmas tree farms all over the country are worried about meeting the demand this […]

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