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Is There a Christmas Tree Shortage in Central Florida?

Fresh Christmas Trees

More families spending the holidays at home, a labor shortage, and inflated prices have all contributed to a national shortage of Christmas trees. Families in central Florida and beyond will experience the effects of this shortage if they don’t act fast.

Christmas tree farms all over the country are worried about meeting the demand this holiday season. 

Reasons for the Christmas Tree Shortage

The national Christmas tree shortage is caused by a variety of unpredictable and unmanageable factors, many of which stem from the financial crisis of 2008 and the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

More Families at Home

The holidays are typically a huge time for travel. Millions of people go out of town to visit family, move home from school for the holidays, or celebrate by going on a family vacation. Now that the pandemic has encouraged more people to stay at home, families have been reconsidering their holiday travel plans.

With more families making new traditions at home, there has been an increase in demand for Christmas trees – and Christmas tree farmers are having a hard time keeping up.

Labor Shortages

There is a nationwide shortage of workers, despite the fact that there are plenty of job openings. With fewer people to work on the farms trimming and chopping trees and fewer delivery drivers, it’s harder to get Christmas trees out to all parts of the country. Furthermore, Christmas tree retail locations will have to sell a smaller amount of Christmas trees if they don’t have enough people to manage the normal amount of inventory. 

Higher Production Costs

The pandemic has caused prices to rise on all kinds of products and services. Farming, seedlings, gas and transportation, and tools are all getting more expensive as the days pass. Some Christmas tree farms just don’t have room in their budget to produce the number of Christmas trees they have been able to in the past. As a result, they won’t be able to grow and ship as many trees to retail locations this winter.

How to Secure a Christmas Tree This Year

If you want to be sure to get a real Christmas tree this season, it’s recommended to shop before Thanksgiving weekend. If you wait until too close to Christmas, it will probably be too late.

If you don’t want to bring a Christmas tree home too early, you may be able to reserve your tree ahead of time. Call a few local Christmas tree farms and retailers to ask about their reservation policy. They may be able to hold the tree for a week or two, for a fee.

Find Your Christmas Tree at Ciro & Sons

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We can’t wait to see you pick your beautiful tree from Ciro & Sons. Merry Christmas!

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