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Giving Back to Central Florida with Johnny Magic’s Baby DJ

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Giving Back to Central Florida with Baby DJ

Baby DJ provides assistance to families of economic disadvantage in the Central Florida area. Started by XL 106.7’s Johnny Magic over 30 years ago, the Baby DJ organizes several assistance programs in Central Florida and has been a great way for local businesses, such as Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees, to give back during the Holiday Season.

How to Donate This Year

1. Drop Off Toys

If you’d like to drop off toys for families in need this year, there are dozens of drop off locations all over Central Florida. It couldn’t be easier!

2. Donate via Baby DJ’s Wish Lists

Check out the following Amazon wish lists that Baby DJ has set up — a fantastic way to easily donate.

3. Volunteer Your Time

If you’d like to give back to the community, Baby DJ is always appreciative of volunteers.

4. Become a Drop Off Location

If you own a local business, consider becoming a drop off location this year.

Ciro & Sons Christmas Trees Has Been Supporting Baby DJ for Over 20 Years!

We strongly believe in, not just giving back, but giving back through the fantastic Baby DJ program. Every year, Ciro & Sons donates several Christmas Trees to Baby DJ

Thank You to Johnny Magic

Without Johnny’s vision, Baby DJ would have never came to life. We greatly appreciate his support and look forward to supporting the cause each Christmas!

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