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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas Decorating

These Christmas tree decorating tips will help you decorate your tree like a professional!

Have you always wanted a Christmas tree that looked like it jumped right off the page of a home décor magazine? You don’t have to hire a professional decorator or be an expert in design, yourself. Just a few Christmas tree decorating tips and tricks will enable you to decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree you’ve ever seen!

Tips for Decorating a Real Christmas Tree

Before you start decorating a real Christmas tree, you’ll want to make sure you have it secured into a sturdy stand. If your tree falls over, you’ll have to start from the beginning!

In addition, we recommend having the following tools:

  • Gloves – to protect your hands
  • Scissors
  • Branch trimmer
  • Ladder or step stool – to reach high areas

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme will give your tree a cohesive design. You might pick a color scheme, an ornament style, or a Christmas activity – whatever you pick, stick to only decorations and ornaments that fit within the theme.

Start with the lights

After you’ve selected a color and style of lights that fit within your theme, plug them in to make sure they work. Then, start hanging them at the bottom of the tree and work your way up.

Hang ornaments

There aren’t really any rules to hanging ornaments. You’ll just want to do your best to make sure you aren’t hanging ornaments of similar color, shape, and size together. Variation is important when it comes to hanging ornaments.

Add ribbon

Adding large, sparkly ribbon to your real Christmas tree decorations shouts “professional!” It’s recommended to use a wired ribbon because it’s easy to shape. Try layering two different ribbon styles that go with your theme.

Get creative with your topper

Big, gold stars aren’t the only option for Christmas tree toppers! Your Christmas tree topper is an opportunity to get creative and make your tree even more unique. This year, head to the craft store and create a bouquet with fake wintery plants. Tie them together with wire and secure the bouquet to your treetop. Guests will marvel at your unique take on a Christmas tree star!

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